The 4th Trimester: How to Manage Your New Normal

You’ve delivered your baby and brought them home. Congratulations! Now what? Welcome to the fourth trimester! While pregnancy lasts for three trimesters, many experts call the period right after birth the fourth trimester. Why? Because it’s a time of big changes for both you and baby, but don’t stress! Keep reading to learn what to […]

The Eyes Have It: Everything You Need to Know About Lutein

Do your eyes ever feel like they need a vacation? With everything our eyes do, our peepers can feel busy and tired. And as we age, our eyes are even more prone to that busy, overworked feeling. Luckily, you can help promote eye health for busy eyes by adding lutein to your diet. Keep reading […]

Vitamin D: Everything You Need to Know About the “Sunshine Vitamin”

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, sunny day? Something about sunshine just makes us happy. But did you know that sunshine can help us maintain strong bones and teeth too? Sunlight produces the important nutrient vitamin D, which helps our body absorb the calcium in food or supplements. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits […]

7 Easy Ways to Add Turmeric to Your Diet

Chances are, you have a forgotten bottle of ground turmeric somewhere in the back of your spice cabinet. Unfortunately, this yummy spice doesn’t usually get a lot of love in our kitchens. Well, that’s all about to change. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of turmeric, and how to incorporate this delicious spice into […]

New Parent Survival Guide for the First 3 Months

Now your baby is finally here! And you’ve probably already found that sharing parenting duties for a newborn is even harder work than supporting a pregnant mom-to-be. So what can you do to make this transition to new parenthood as smooth as possible for you and for your co-parent? Keep reading for our new parent […]

Baby’s First Tooth! How to Soothe Teething Symptoms

Your baby’s first tooth will soon make its big debut – but probably not without a few tears first! If you have a teething baby, you can practically feel their pain. Teething means babies are experiencing lots of inflammation in their gums. And when your baby is uncomfortable, they certainly let you know! Luckily, there […]

Everything You Need to Know about Probiotics for Kids

We usually think of bacteria as bad germs that cause disease. But our bodies are actually full of helpful bacteria and other microorganisms that play important roles in how we function. In fact, research shows that there are equally as many bacteria inside our bodies as there are cells!1 Good bacteria, especially the bacteria that […]

How to Feel Your Best Post-Pregnancy

We all know that it can take a while to feel like yourself again after nine months of pregnancy, plus labor and delivery! And for first-time moms, getting back to feeling good can be even harder. In fact, this period is sometimes called the “fourth trimester” because of all the changes your body goes through, […]