How to Feel Your Best Post-Pregnancy

We all know that it can take a while to feel like yourself again after nine months of pregnancy, plus labor and delivery! And for first-time moms, getting back to feeling good can be even harder. In fact, this period is sometimes called the “fourth trimester” because of all the changes your body goes through, […]

Ready to Get Pregnant? 8 Tips to Help Plan Your Pregnancy

Are you ready to start preparing for pregnancy? Before you get into the fun part of trying to make a baby, it’s important to do a little prep work (and we’re not talking about lingerie). These eight pregnancy planning tips can help get you ready for a happy and healthy pregnancy. Related Articles: February 20, […]

How to Prevent Dehydration During Pregnancy

Staying hydrated is important, especially when you’re pregnant. But with your busy schedule (and morning sickness to boot), it may be more difficult to stave off dehydration. That’s why we’re sharing our favorite, simple tips to help you maintain hydration during pregnancy. Plus, we’ll explain why it’s extra-important to avoid dehydration now more than ever. […]

Truth vs. Myth: The Differences Between Prenatals & Multivitamins

For most adult women, experts recommend eating a nutrient-rich diet and taking a daily multivitamin to fill in the gaps.1 But if you’re planning to get pregnant, or are currently pregnant, you’re probably wondering if you should switch to prenatal vitamins. We’ll break down the facts and answer your most commonly asked questions about how […]

All About Breastfeeding: Real-Life Tips & Nutrition

To breastfeed or not to breastfeed? This can be a difficult, even controversial, question for new parents. Parents are often told that breastfeeding is best. But not all new moms are able to breastfeed. And others may choose not to for lots of different reasons. Whether you breastfeed or bottle-feed with formula, it’s personal. Discuss […]