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December 11, 2019

New Parent Survival Guide for the First 3 Months

Now your baby is finally here! And you’ve probably already found that sharing parenting duties for a newborn is even harder work than supporting a pregnant mom-to-be. So what can you do to make this transition to new parenthood as smooth as possible for you and for your co-parent? Keep reading for our new parent survival guide with seven real-life tips to help new dads and partners get through the first three months.

We know you’ve been a supportive partner through all nine months of pregnancy. You’ve given more foot massages than you can count, helped her tie her shoes in the third trimester when she couldn’t reach them, and you’re a regular at the local 24/7 convenience store thanks to late-night food cravings.


1. Take Turns

Your new baby needs to feed every three to four hours, and that includes the middle of the night when you’re sound asleep. And you already know, it’s only fair that you take on your share of the nighttime feedings.

Try working in shifts. Let your partner sleep the first half of the night while you answer nighttime cries. If you breastfeed your baby, be sure that mom has pumped before she goes to sleep and the milk is stored so you can make a bottle without waking her up.

Then, after 2am, it’s your turn for uninterrupted sleep. Or you can alternate taking first and second shifts every other night. Either way, this is a good way for both of you to get some shut-eye.

2. Split Babycare 50/50

Of course, nighttime feedings aren’t the only time you should take on babycare. Babies need baths, diaper changings, and lots of cuddles. Be prepared to take on 50% of those tasks! This will help give your partner a break, and allow you to bond with your newborn baby.

Don’t worry if at first you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to baby care. No one is born knowing everything about how to take care of a baby. You and your partner will figure it out as you go along. Just about every new parent goes through this at the beginning.

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3. Re-Divide the Chores

A newborn baby is a lot of extra work for a couple. Between the two of you, you’ll have to find a way to rebalance the extra household chores. Whether you take on grocery shopping, cleaning, or laundry (or all three!), be prepared to do even more around the house. It’s a relatively simple, but very helpful, way to be a team player with your partner during this busy time.

However, everyday chores and errands don’t only have to be on new parents’ shoulders. Don’t feel you have to be a martyr. If friends or family offer you help, take them up on it. After all, it takes a village. And there’s no need for you or your partner to get overworked and run down if your support system is offering to help!

4. Meal Prep

One way to make sure you get it all done is to meal prep. Take some time once a week to cook large batches of simple, healthy recipes for both you and mommy. Freeze food in meal-sized batches. When you’re hungry, just reheat. This will save a lot of time in the long run, and it’ll help make sure you’re both eating nutritious foods when you need them.

5. Take Care of Yourself

You’re doing your best to be a helpful and supportive new parent. But it’s okay to take care of yourself sometimes too. After all, if you burn out and get sick, you won’t be much help!

Make sure you’re taking the opportunity to sleep when you’re not on nighttime duty. Drink plenty of water. And eat plenty of healthy foods. Taking vitafusion MultiVites can help you get the vitamins and minerals you need to feel your best. And since vitafusion MultiVites are great-tasting gummies you can take without water, they’re super-easy and convenient to take on-the-go.

6. Pay Attention

Your partner will tell you what she needs – just listen! And make sure you pay attention to her nonverbal cues as well. If she seems exhausted, offer her a shoulder massage or, better yet, offer to take the first shift tonight so she can get some sleep. Or watch the baby so she can go take a hot bath. She may not directly ask for what she needs, so if you can’t read the cues, don’t be afraid to ask her!

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7. Surprise Her!

Surprising your co-parent with thoughtful gifts is a great way to let her know that you appreciate everything she does. After all, she’s going through a lot physically and emotionally. The gift does not need to be anything big. Try flowers, a nice bottle of wine, great-smelling bubble bath, or even just a pizza! Giving little gifts can go a long way toward telling her you know how much she’s doing and recognize how stressful this time is.

We love sharing our insights about vitamins and health. But that doesn’t mean it should be a substitute for professional medical advice. For that, you should talk to your doctor!

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Related Articles:
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